What Our Customers Say

"I feel like a new woman in your clothing!  Keep it up!" Debbie M, New York, USA

"I simply love to wear your clothes. They are so “schick” and “bequem” and feminine. A really rare combination. Can’t get enough of it." Henrike K, Cologne, Germany

"I bought a long, dark red jacket from you at last year’s Selvedge Christmas Fair, and it has become one of my favorite garments. Whenever I want to look a little bit nicer, I wear it over a simple shirt and trousers or a LBD, and I look and feel great. It’s so soft and easy to wear, a no-fuss, beautiful, go-everywhere garment." Ruth M, London, UK

"I am overjoyed with my coat which I have already worn 3 times and my beret which i would never take off if possible...Mum is so excited to hear when her dress will be ready as I am my 2nd coat!" Jo A, Guildford, UK

"We have had a very cold December -15C with the wind  chill.  I went out for breakfast wearing my alpaca cardigan over a warm winter poncho and lined winter boots, my hat  finished the ensemble. I don't know if your UK customers will imagine this but it is cold here in Southern Ontario and it is not due to break for some time  yet.  As a Canadian who likes to go outside in this cold weather, I usually wear more layers than this but one cannot look like a snow bear all the time.Thank you to Carina Hildebrandt for allowing me to dress fashionably in these extreme conditions." Joan D, Ontario, Canada