Spring Has Sprung

I can't pretend that I am in agreement with the rest of the world about the joy that spring has sprung so early. Quite simply, I'M NOT READY. I haven't had enough hibernation time, enough cosy weekends indoors with grey overcast skies, rain pelting down on my dormer windows when I breathe deeply, full of joy as I can legitimately justify (to myself) staying in. And as for the lack of snow this year don't get me started! I wish someone could tell me who to complain to. I feel positively cheated!
Let's get gardening! 
I know that most of you have had enough of winter, but I spend Autumn on the road with many of my weekends meeting customers at shows around the world. I love it. Being face to face with the amazing women who buy my clothes is one of my favourite things and drives me to grow my company and make sure we reach out across the world. Losing so many of my weekends and working 7 days a week for much of the year however definitely gives me a twinge of sadness as my favourite season comes to a close…


At least I don't have one challenge that so many women have at this time of year - Complete closet confusion! As temperatures change almost overnight from freezing to warm how to dress is a veritable nightmare for many. There is nothing worse than leaving the house dressed for cold weather only to feel hot and bothered a couple of hours later as the winter sun blazes in through windows, combines with the heat blasting from our radiators and creates an oven.


Our Baby Alpaca knits breathe and transcend the seasons, so that you never feel too hot or cold. I'm down to one Mauve Long Belted Jacket over my Damson Twill Dress this week, rather than the two I wear layered up when our office (whose walls are not insulated) is feeling the chill, and that is just perfect. Maybe as I get used to the lesser layers, I'll start to warm to the idea of Spring and indeed get excited about getting back into my Pale Lilacs and Sages. Just need to figure out where to get that tan...

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