My first WHY...

I have been thinking about why I do what I do recently. What was the driving force that lead me to create CARINA HILDEBRANDT ? What fuels my fire within to get it out into the world?


Finding your “WHY” is a buzz topic amongst entrepreneurs. If you are one of the 25 million people who have viewed Simon Sinek's brilliant TED talk, you will understand why it has become important to work this one out !

It’s not that easy I'm finding. There are so many things I love about running my company  - but to delve deep, whittle down and to commit to just one main reason. That really is a challenge. My business is a part of me, one of my reasons for being, so... JUST ONE?!?  You can imagine it's a question that could keep you up at night...

Your WHY is different from the inborn instinct to be an entrepreneur, the motivation that is also necessary to build a lifestyle brand and business like mine. The determination that keeps us working around the clock, taking the risks that need to be taken and “feeling the fear and doing it anyway" stems from a different place. What I am talking about is defining your passion, the spirit that underlies the belief you have that your product makes a difference in the world. The love you feel for what you have created and the swell of joy that you experience from the incredible highs that occur day to day. For me some of those are the pleasure of seeing my pieces on a customer, witnessing their joy from wearing it, the relationships that develop with the women (and now men!) who wear my clothes time and time again and also the satisfaction from the process of creation in itself. 

The true test of the strength of your WHY is whether it gets you through the scary times when you feel like you don’t actually know which is the next road you should take and whether the choices you are making are the right ones for your business and the people whose livelihoods you are supporting. If you can remind yourself of those moments that make you come alive and if those thoughts can lift you from the weight that envelops you from time to time then you know that you are on to a winner.

I’m still working on my ultimate WHY (this could be due to a fear of commitment) but my FIRST WHY I know for sure.  I love to wrap people up, to keep them warm, cozy and safe from the cold winds of life. It’s a running joke that when I part with friends after a night out I can't help making sure they are warm enough for their journey home, and will often insist they take one of my layers as I invariably have extra with me that I can spare! I become a bit like a mother hen and occasionally will get a rolled eye or two…but I don't care. It's my thing... 


There are many ways to look after people, to comfort them and protect them, but sometimes events happen to those you love and all you can do is be there for them, unable to fix the problem even though you are desperate to. So I find great comfort in wrapping them in butter soft baby alpaca knits. It’s my virtual hug when I’m not physically by their side and a reminder that I’m there if they need me undoubtedly thinking of them. It’s one of the many wonderful by products to having my own knitwear studio and workshop and one of the most emotionally fulfilling.


So that's my first WHY and certainly in the running for the ultimate WHY. We’ll see if it wins top billing…. I will keep you posted!

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