shop by colour

If you have fallen in love with a colour and want to know what products it is available in, you can use our SHOP BY COLOUR feature. When you click on your chosen colour all products that exist in that colour will appear on the page. Please note: the photos won’t always be of that particular colour but if you go to the colour drop down menu selection you will find your chosen colour listed. We hope you find this a useful feature of our site!

colours guide

A colours page is listed on the main menu bar and a colour pop up chart is available on all our product pages; this will give you an idea of what our yarns and cottons look like. Please note: while the on-screen colours can be a good representation, there will be slight variations due to browser settings. If you need more information about our colours you can call us and order a swatch.

stock levels & pre-order

The site will tell you how many products are available in your desired product/colour and size. If the product is not available it will either say out of stock or pre-order. If the item is out of stock it means that it no longer exists at the present time, however if a product says pre-order that means you can still purchase that product but it may take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive. If you have any queries or questions regarding this then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 878 1244.

fabrics & care

Care instructions can be found in the descriptions tab on every product page that is specific to that product. There is more general information in the footer about our fabrics and care of the materials. 

size guide

Please refer to our size guide for information on all our sizes, it is important that you choose the correct sizing so we have a few guides to help you. The size guide can be found on each product page and is also located in the footer. If you have any further queries regarding our sizes then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 878 1244.

style guide

The Style Guide allows you to browse chosen outfits, simply click on the outfit that inspires and you will be taken to a page that lists all the pieces that create that look. We will regularly update these images and keep the style guide fresh and current.


Our events are all listed on the site in the events page. We also have open days at our showroom and fashion shows. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are up to.

customer comments

We hope you love our website and we welcome any comments and feedback and will continue improving it as time goes on. Please get in touch by emailing us at