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Posted on 16th January 2017
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Last week we had an urgent customer email from NYC. 

She had seen a friend wearing our Winter Twill Dress in Mauve in NYC, was flying to London that night  and wanted to wear one at a celebration in Surrey that weekend . The event was just a few days later she had left it to the last minute and so was urgently messaging us whilst at an appointment with her eye doctor. Had she emailed just a few days earlier I would probably have been able to deliver it by hand in NYC but that aside we needed to get it near to her end destination ASAP....Don’t you just love modern life!

A couple of phone calls where necessary, as we followed her busy day in Manhattan to make sure the correct size and all options were covered but within a couple of hours a Cranberry dress with a matching shirt drape jacket was packaged up ready to go and we were able to take payment and confirm the package had been sent to the friend she was staying with while she was sitting in a Manhattan taxi rushing to the airport.

It is so exciting to create beautiful things that are admired and desired far and wide. We love our Jetset followers  who have found us through admiring our clothes out there in the world and were thoroughly entertained following our new customer through her day in Manhattan.

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